Consistently delivering project success across an organization is incredibly challenging. Between today’s complexity, siloed information, and disjointed processes and systems, organizations are far more likely to experience project failure.

So how do you cultivate scalable project success across the enterprise, where not only is the next project a winner, but so are the next hundred, or the next thousand?

The roadshow has a track for you!
The event will be divided into 2 tracks. Whether you work on the fabrication processes or on project control in a diverse set of industries, you will find the information you need to grow your knolwedge.

Track 1: Smart Fabricator for Lean Manufacturing and Lean Production
Fabrication is an important, and often overlooked, step in the complete process with complex operations. In many cases, parts of any new facility are fabricated away from the construction site by many different sub-contractors. Our solutions to support these work flows cover both pipe and steel or structural fabrication and focus on achieving true digital workflows, aiming to minimize manual data entry and maximize automation of work processes.


Attend this track as we will explore the following topics:
– Who is a SMART Fabricator
– Visibility through the whole of the fabrication process
– On field ROI and industrial figures

Track 2: Maximize Returns and Margins Across Your Projects Ecosystem
Break down siloes of information and simplify your system landscape with an Enterprise Project Performance strategy. Achieve greater levels of efficiency, predictability, and control across all projects, and make better, more proactive decisions to maximize returns and margins.

Attend this track to find out how you can:
– Improve project performance
– Do more high-value work by improving efficiency and spending less time consolidating data
– Create a connected framework for strategic planning and delivery by using both ERP and EPP platforms
– Integrate and improve your business processes
– Standardize best practices